What do I need?

There are plenty of ways you can get involved with the 5 Day Detox.
To make things easy we have listed a few below:

Read the Book

Read The Book

The ’5lbs in 5 Days’ book contains both the plan and all the information you need to get mentally ’juiced’.

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Download the app


Download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Buy the wall planner


You can also get a wall planer to help you keep on top of the programme.

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Get it delivered


If you are in the UK and would love to do the detox but don’t want to do all the juicing then we have something for you!

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Latest Testimonials

Having had a morbid fear of raw veg for most of my life I desperately needed a massive health kick, needed to drop a few pounds and get some nutrients into my body. Jason’s juicy plan was actually really tasty and after dropping 9 pounds in 5 days I now incorporate a juice a day to get more than my 5 a day! Thanks Jason! Xxx Bronagh Waugh (Hollyoaks)

…At the start of the week I was 11stone and feeling very lethargic and miserable, by Sunday when I weighed myself I was 10.5,feeling energized and vibrant. (9lb lost in 5days) I will definitely been making the sweet beet smoothie, Ruby Tuesday and berry banana crunch regularly and would easily do this detox programme again. I found it a easier to do to than 7lbs in 7 days, think a lot of that was psychological, the time frame being only 5 days really helped and the fact that there was only 2 different types of juices a day, really helped me keep track of where I was, and what I was having. Loved this programme (5lbs in 5days), keep up the good work.

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The Big Juice Spring Clean

Join number 1 best selling author Jason Vale and thousands of other from all over the world for this years BIG JUICE SPRING CLEAN! After the huge success of the WORLD’S BIGGEST JUICE DETOX in January, the BIG JUICE SPRING CLEAN is all set to be even bigger than ever!






This year the BIG JUICE SPRING CLEAN will be centred around Jason’s latest number 1 best-selling book and app; ’5lbs in 5 days Juice Master Detox Diet’. This is Jason’s first programme in over eight years and is his easiest and most effective yet. Jason will provide videos each day to help bring everyone together and will be answering your questions on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ creating a true sense of community. We will also send you the recipe videos each day for FREE too – no catch!

Jason wants to get as many people all over the world juicing, so spread the word and let’s make this the biggest global juice extravaganza ever!

The aim, as always, is to make the world a lighter and healthier place but – once again Jason will be giving away an amazing prize to encourage as many people as possible to start juicing. Not only does the average person lose 7lbs – 10lbs in just five days and feel amazing, but if you send us a very short video at the end telling us about your experience, you will be in with a chance to win either a week for two people at Jason’s brand new retreat – ‘Juicy Oasis Health Retreat & Spa‘  in Portugal or a place at the stunning ‘Juicy Mountain Retreat‘ in Turkey. The lucky winners will be drawn at random from a hat. The real prize clearly is the way you will feel at the end of the five days, but as Jason’s mission is to “Juice The World”, he has added this amazing prize to encourage more people to get the juicing bug.

Simply sign up now for free to get my daily coaching videos sent to you each day along with reminders to help get you prepared!
Jason Vale, Juice Master

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Want All Your 5lbs In 5 Days Fruit And Veg?

Juice Master have teamed up with 5 a day box to give you a great value one-click delivery option especially compiled for the 5lbs in 5 days programme.* Not only will you save time shopping but we will also provide you with 5 FREE Juice in a Bar snack bars and a FREE wallplanner.


Feeling Lazy?

If you’ve always wanted to do a Jason Vale juice diet but find all the shopping, preparing, juicing and cleaning too much hassle – we have some good news! With a Juice Master Delivered Detox Diet – we’ll do everything for you!*